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About Us

Absolute 1st Response is a local family-owned business serving most of Sussex County Delaware and Maryland beaches. The founder began his career in the cleaning industry, transitioning into the career of an emergency first responder who has dedicatedly and honorably served the Delmarva shore for close to three decades. He has since, returned to the cleaning industry which has also been a service of great satisfaction.​

Ultimately, as a company, our goal is to make Absolute 1st Response Carpet Care the only 1st response to your cleaning needs.

Our mission is as in the words of Dr Martin Luther King Jr:

“If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, ‘Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.”

Each of our trained Cleaning Technicians strives to fulfill the above mission as we attend to our customers’ cleaning needs. Therefore, in turn, leaving customers the time and ability to prioritize their families and work schedules.


At Absolute 1st Response Carpet Care, we aim to provide you with the best service and ensure that you and your needs always come first. With a professional and trustworthy staff, your satisfaction is our priority. Absolute 1st Response Carpet Care is the only 1st response to your cleaning needs.
Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

We offer deep cleaning, spot, odor treatments and more to make your carpets look rejuvenated and cleaner. We use professional grade equipment using the hot water extraction method.
Dry Carpet C;e

Furniture/Upholstery Cleaning

We offer furniture cleaning to help extend the life of your upholstery. Schedule to have your furniture professionally cleaned today.
Carpet Cleaning Service

Residential/Comm. Cleaning

We offer general residential/commercial-office cleaning services to beach condo/house rental unit cleanings.
Grout Cleaning Service

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Cleaning tile & grout floors is a service we offer to deep clean those surfaces that have slowly soiled by years of wear and tear; floor mop residue, dust, dirt and foot traffic of daily life.


Most of Sussex County, Rehoboth, Bethany, Dewey, Fenwick Island and Ocean City and Salisbury area.

Whether it’s an accident resulting in nature’s call by a pet or a spill by a family member we offer spot/stain/odor removal cleaning.

Dry Carpet C;e

Spot removal

Carpet Cleaning Service

Stain removal

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Odor removal

Carpet Cleaning FAQs

Yes, professional carpet cleaning is highly recommended for homeowners. Professional carpet cleaners use heavy-duty equipment and special cleaning solutions to remove dirt, dust, allergens, pet dander and other common contaminants from carpets in a safe and effective way. Not only does professional carpet cleaning improve the overall appearance of your carpets but it also helps reduce wear on them as well.

Professional carpet cleaning is safer than DIY cleaning, because not all carpet materials are designed to withstand homemade detergents and vacuums that lack adequate suction power. A professional cleaner will have the right tools to clean your carpet thoroughly and safely without harming the fabric or color of your carpets. Carpet fibers can trap dirt and other particles over time which makes it harder to maintain their cleanliness through regular vacuuming.


Deep cleaning your carpets is an important part of a healthy home. Depending on the frequency of use and the type of traffic, you should deep clean your carpets at least every 12 to 18 months. If it’s a high-traffic area or if you have children or pets living in the home, then you may want to deep clean more often — about every 6 to 8 months — for optimal results.

Be sure to hire qualified professionals whenever engaging in any professional services related to carpet maintenance such as steam cleaning, deep extraction etc., as these can greatly improve overall health benefits by eliminating dust mites & other potential allergens while adding freshness back into your soft surfaces!

Special thanks to our friends at Advanced Steam Cleaning for the information!

Absolutely! Hiring a professional carpet cleaner for your business is a great idea. Commercial carpet cleaners are experts in their field and can deep clean carpets more effectively than home cleaning equipment or methods. They have specialized tools and cleaning products that can extract dirt, grime, allergens and bacteria from the fibers of the carpet to leave it looking like new. They also use industrial grade vacuums to remove as much moisture as possible so carpets dry quickly. Commercial cleaners are trained in effective techniques for removing different types of stains, which ensures your carpets will look their best even with intensive wear and tear from heavy foot traffic. They may also be able to advise on proper care for your carpets so you can prolong its life and keep it in pristine condition longer. All this expertise makes hiring a commercial cleaner well worth the investment – it’s one less thing you need to worry about when running your business!

Thank you to Robinson Custom Cleaning for sharing this information with us!

If you want to get the pet urine smell out of your carpet, the best approach is to hire a professional. Professional services use specialized equipment and cleaning solutions that are designed to break down and remove odors from carpets more effectively than conventional methods. Different products are also available for odor removal depending on the type of material your carpet is made from, such as wool or synthetic fibers.

Before calling in a professional, you should act quickly by blotting up as much of the liquid residue as possible with a clean cloth and discard it immediately into an outdoor trash can (not inside). Doing so will help keep the area dry and prevent any further spread of odor throughout your home. The next step would be to apply a special enzyme-based cleaner formulated specifically for this purpose directly onto the affected area or mix it in water before application if advised.

Thanks to Fresh Cleaning Solutions for sharing this valuable information with us!

Yes, carpet steam cleaning is an effective method to clean carpets. In fact, it is considered one of the best carpet cleaning methods out there and is often used by professional carpet cleaners. Steam cleaning works by using hot water with detergent injected directly into the fibers of the rug or carpet. Hot water dissolves dirt and grime that may be embedded deep within layers of fabric and padding. This makes a steam cleaner incredibly efficient in removing built-up dirt, dust mites, allergens, body oils, pet dander, bacteria, and mold spores. The high temperatures also help kill off microorganisms due to their natural sanitizing properties while helping remove stubborn stains without risking damage to your carpets or rugs.

Big thanks to Perfection Carpet Cleaners for sharing this information on steam cleaning with us!

Dry carpet cleaning is a professional service that provides deep and thorough cleaning of carpets without the need for a large amount of water. The process involves first vacuuming the carpet to remove any loose dirt, dust, and allergens. This is followed by an application of a dry compound onto the fibers of your carpets which will gently lift soil off and away from them. Finally, the powder will be removed with an industrial vacuum cleaner.

The biggest benefit offered by dry carpet cleaning is its convenience. It can often be done in one day with no waiting time needed for furniture or other items to dry completely like when using traditional methods with water-based solutions. Additionally, it has been proven to leave carpets cleaner since there’s no excess water for mold or bacteria growth – making this ideal for those who suffer from allergies or asthma. Lastly, some formulas used in dry carpet cleaning are eco-friendly and non-toxic so you can feel even better about choosing this method over traditional ones!

To best get mold out of your carpet, it is recommended to seek the assistance of a professional. Professional cleaners have the tools and knowledge necessary to effectively remove mold from carpets. The first step in getting rid of moldiness is to identify the source. Mold can come from water damage or moisture that resides in an area for extended periods of time, so addressing any leaks or areas with high humidity levels should be done first and foremost.

Once you’ve identified the cause, you can begin tackling the problem on your own by vacuum cleaning the affected area using a HEPA-certified filter system – this will help capture spores and get rid of some excess dust particles. After vacuuming up as much debris as possible, use a solution specifically formulated for removing mold (make sure it’s non-abrasive) along with warm water and scrub to break down existing colonies. If necessary, repeat several times until desired results are achieved. Rinse off with clean water afterward. For deep-seated infestations however, calling in a professional carpet cleaner might be wise as they will know exactly what products work best on your particular type of carpeting while taking extra precautions not to spread it around – leaving you with one less headache!

Thank you to Icon Property Rescue for sharing this information on mold remediation with us!

The frequency with which professional tile cleaning should be conducted really depends on the environment in which your tile is located. For example, if it is in a high-traffic area that receives daily foot traffic, then you may want to have it professionally cleaned every 2-3 months. This will reduce dirt and grime build-up and keep your tiles looking great over the long term.

On the other hand, if your tile is located in an area with minimal foot traffic such as a kitchen or bathroom, then you may want to have it professionally cleaned only once or twice per year. That being said, even for low-traffic areas like these, regular maintenance for basic hygiene (i.e., spot cleaning) should still be done weekly to prevent any buildup of germs and bacteria from accumulating on the surface of your tiles.

According to The American House Cleaners Association, professional upholstery cleaning offers numerous benefits. For starters, it helps improve the appearance of furniture and fabric surfaces, making them look much brighter and vibrant. Upholstery cleaning also removes dirt, dust mites, allergens and other contaminants from the fabric that could cause health issues for those in your home. It can help to extend the life of your furniture by removing soil particles that tend to damage fibers over time. Professional upholstery cleaners can even remove tough stains that you may have had difficulty getting out on your own or with regular household cleaning products.

In addition to providing deep-cleaning services which cannot be adequately replicated by DIY methods, professional upholstery cleaners are knowledgeable about different fabrics used in furniture construction and can apply appropriate treatments for each one according to manufacturer’s instructions (i.e., using specific solutions safely). Professional cleaners also employ powerful equipment specifically designed for thorough yet gentle removal of dirt and debris from fabrics without causing any damage or discoloration. This means you get maximum results with minimal effort!

It can certainly be difficult to remove pet stains from carpets, depending on the severity of the stain. The best way to start is to first identify what type of pet stain you are dealing with as there are a few different types—urine, feces, vomit, and dirt/mud.

When it comes to making sure your apartment is clean and well-maintained, one of the areas that should not be overlooked is your carpets. Carpets are highly prone to dirt, dust, bacteria, pet hair, and more. All of which can cause allergies or spread germs if left unchecked. Hiring a professional apartment carpet cleaner can help you make sure that your carpets stay healthy and clean without putting in too much hard work on your part.

This information was given by A+ Carpet Cleaning! You can check them out here: https://carpetcleanerportland.com/

Carpet deep cleaning is a method of professional cleaning used to remove deeply-embedded dirt, bacteria, allergens and other particles from carpets and rugs. It is done with specialized machinery which uses highly pressurized water containing detergents and/or solvents to penetrate the carpet fibers. The high pressure ensures all particles are removed from the depths of the carpet pile, making it hygienic and fresh for longer periods than vacuuming alone.

Thank you to Advanced Cleaning for sharing this answer with us!

Deciding whether to hire a professional carpet cleaner depends on several factors, including your budget, the condition of your carpet, and your personal preferences. Here are some points to consider that can help you make an informed decision.

Firstly, one of the main reasons people choose to hire a professional carpet cleaner is the level of cleanliness and deep cleaning they provide. Professionals have access to high-quality equipment and cleaning solutions that can remove dirt, stains, and allergens more effectively than most household cleaning methods. They also have the expertise to handle different types of carpets and their specific cleaning needs. If your carpet has stubborn stains, or if someone in your household has allergies, hiring a professional could be well worth the cost.

Secondly, hiring a professional carpet cleaner can save you time and effort. Cleaning carpets can be a laborious and time-consuming task, especially if you’re dealing with large areas or heavily soiled carpets. A professional cleaner can take care of this task efficiently and thoroughly, allowing you to focus on other things. However, it’s important to note that you’ll need to prepare for the cleaner’s visit by moving furniture and other items, which can also take time.

Lastly, while hiring a professional carpet cleaner can be more expensive than doing it yourself, it can actually save you money in the long run. Regular professional cleanings can extend the life of your carpet, meaning you won’t need to replace it as often. Plus, professionals can often restore the appearance of your carpet, which can help maintain the value of your home.

Yes, you can use a regular pet urine carpet cleaner for stains. However, it is important to understand that not all carpet cleaners are created equal and some may not be effective in removing pet urine stains. In this answer, I will explain why pet urine stains require special treatment and how to properly clean them using a regular carpet cleaner.

Firstly, let’s talk about the composition of pet urine. It contains ammonia which can cause a strong odor and yellowing of carpets if left untreated. Additionally, it also contains uric acid crystals which make it difficult to remove with just water and detergent.

Now, most regular carpet cleaners only work by spraying water and detergent onto the surface of the carpet and then vacuuming it up. While this may be sufficient for general dirt and stains, it is not enough to effectively remove pet urine stains.

To properly clean pet urine stains with a regular carpet cleaner, you will need two additional things – an enzymatic cleaner specifically designed for pets’ messes and a specialized tool known as an extractor or spot-cleaning machine.

Enzymatic cleaners contain enzymes that break down the uric acid crystals present in pet urine. This not only removes the stain but also eliminates any lingering odors that may attract your pets back to the same spot again.

Once you have your enzymatic cleaner ready, spray it on top of the affected area according to the instructions on the label. Then let it sit for 10-15 minutes so that the enzyme has enough time to break down all traces of pet waste.

Next comes the extraction phase where you use your regular carpet cleaner along with an attachment called an extractor or spot cleaning machine. This tool uses suction power to pull out all moisture from deep within your carpets while also removing any remaining residue from the enzymatic cleaner.

Finally, after thoroughly extracting all leftover moisture from your carpets using this method, let them air dry completely before walking on them again. This step is crucial as any remaining moisture can cause mold to grow, leading to a whole new set of problems.

Huge thank you to OCD Home Carpet and Tile Cleaning for providing us with this information!

Deep carpet cleaning, also known as steam cleaning or hot water extraction, is generally safe for most types of carpets. This method involves injecting a solution of hot water and detergent into the carpet pile and then recovering the water and soil with a powerful vacuum into a holding tank. This process can effectively remove dirt, stains, and allergens from your carpet, making it clean and fresh.

However, there are some types of carpets that may not respond well to deep cleaning. For example, certain delicate fibers, like silk or antique rugs, may be damaged by the intense heat and pressure of steam cleaning. Additionally, carpets with a high pile density or those made from wool might retain more moisture, leading to longer drying times and potential mold growth if they need to be dried properly.

Therefore, while deep carpet cleaning is generally safe, it’s always best to consult a professional carpet manufacturer before proceeding, especially if you have a specialty or antique carpet. They can advise on the best cleaning methods for your specific carpet type to ensure it’s cleaned without causing any damage.

Yes, pet stain carpet cleaners can be effective on old stains. The effectiveness of these cleaners largely depends on the type of stain, the age of the stain, and the specific product used. In general, these cleaners are formulated with ingredients that can break down the compounds in pet stains, even if they have set into the carpet for a long period. However, it’s important to note that older stains might require multiple treatments or a more concentrated solution.

In addition to using a cleaner, there are other steps that can help remove old pet stains effectively. For instance, it can be beneficial to thoroughly deep clean the carpet fibers and repeat the cleaning process several times. It’s also recommended to act as quickly as possible when a new stain occurs, as fresh stains are typically easier to remove. If a pet stain doesn’t come out after one treatment, you may need to apply the cleaner again. For persistent stains, consulting a professional service might be necessary. Special thanks to Terry’s Carpet Cleaning and Restoration for sharing this information with us!

Choosing the right commercial carpet cleaning service is crucial to maintaining a clean, healthy, and professional environment in your business space. Start by researching local services with specific experience in commercial carpet cleaning, as the needs of commercial spaces differ significantly from residential ones. Look for companies that have a strong reputation in the industry, which can be gauged through online reviews, testimonials, and case studies. Positive feedback from other businesses, especially those in similar industries or with similar carpet cleaning needs, can be a good indicator of reliability and quality.

Additionally, inquire about the cleaning methods and equipment used. A reputable service should use up-to-date, commercial-grade equipment and environmentally safe cleaning products. It’s also important to ask about their staff’s training and certifications to ensure they are qualified to handle various types of carpets and stains. Flexibility is another factor to consider; the service should be able to accommodate your business hours to minimize disruption. Finally, obtaining detailed quotes from several providers can help you compare services and choose one that offers the best value while meeting your specific carpet cleaning needs.

Finding the best carpet cleaners near me can be a daunting task. To discover the top carpet cleaners, initiate your search by tapping into the collective wisdom of your circle. Recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who have recently employed such services can offer invaluable insights and lead you to reliable options. Additionally, leveraging online review sites and local community forums can expand your perspective, providing access to unbiased reviews and ratings. Focus on companies that consistently receive positive feedback for their service quality, customer care, and efficiency in handling various types of carpet cleaning tasks.

After narrowing down your list, contact these services directly to inquire about their cleaning methods, the safety and eco-friendliness of their cleaning solutions, and any service guarantees they might offer. It’s important to ensure they have experience with your carpet type and that their service provisions align with your needs and expectations. By conducting thorough research and asking the right questions, you can make an informed decision and select the best carpet cleaning service that meets your criteria.

After professional tile and grout cleaning, you can usually walk on your floors within a few hours. The exact time may vary depending on the specific cleaning process and products used, but generally, the floors dry relatively quickly. It’s advisable to avoid heavy foot traffic during this initial period to ensure the best results.

If a sealant has been applied to the grout, you might need to wait a bit longer before using the floors extensively. Sealants typically require 24 to 48 hours to cure completely. During this time, try to keep the area as dry and free from dirt as possible to allow the sealant to set properly and provide maximum protection for your grout.


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